Presentation on Drupal Install Profiles

I recently gave a presentation on Install Profiles in Drupal 6 and 7 at the Broward County Drupal Users Group. I use Install Profiles in conjunction with Drush Make in order to speed up development times, and automate as much repeatable steps as we can so we can focus on the custom work each website needs.

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Rotating Banners In Drupal

I recently gave a quick presentation at the May 2010 Fort Lauderdale Drupal User Group meetup on Rotating Banners in Drupal. I’m including the slideshow, mainly because I’m swamped with other things and am copping out of writing up a formal article on how I deal with rotating banners. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments, or drop me a line on twitter at christhrowrocks

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Five Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Using Drupal

I noticed the other day that my account on is coming up to its three year anniversary, which means I’ve probably been working with Drupal for four years now. So I took a look back at some of the old Drupal sites I had put together, and like most developers, almost cringed at what I had done to some of those sites. So, with nearly four years under my belt, these are five things I wish I had been doing in 2005, when I started.

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If You Have FAQs, You're Doing Something Wrong

Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQs, as they’re affectionately known, are a staple on the majority of informational and e-commerce websites. You can find them on a wide range of super popular sites, from Newegg to Digg, from Myspace to ABC.

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Using Your Portfolio to its Fullest

As your freelancing and studio work progresses, you eventually will have a body of work that you’ll be able to pull from in order to woo potential new clients. There is a tendency for all of us to show our entire body of work. This gives the impression of more experience and a wider variety of work, so that potential clients from all areas will be more likely to choose you. However, is that what you really want?

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